Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wind in my hair, sunlight dancing through the trees. I cruised the dirt roads without a care in the world. I was free. So this is how bikers feel. That's right I was riding a motorcycle, aka pit bike, miniature automatic motorcycle, not that that makes it any less. I was living my biker mama dreams. I was cool, nothing could stop me, the world was mine in those brief moments of circling the neighbor's vineyard and then I came around the corner with the house in view. My husband saw me coming and whipped out his camera. I could sense his pride as I pulled up. I revved the throttle just to epitomize just how cool I was knowing this footage would be saved for generations to come.
And then I came to a stop like a professional and tossed my hair back for added effect and went to get off the bike forgetting to turn it off and my hand was still on the throttle and off we went, me half on, bike with a mind of its own heading out on another ride without a willing participant. I had entered whiskey throttle territory.
Next thing I remember is the bike crashing, my leg caught behind the tire and going down full on it. My body landing on the exhaust pipe. Did I mention I was wearing my favorite OU jersey? Yeah, it melted. My leg that was caught on the tire, took the full brunt of the incident, with tire tracks embedded on it. Bruises on my stomach and legs but the absolute worse- my pride. Yes, I went from glorious to ridiculous in two seconds and lucky for me it was all caught on video. The family has only replayed it over and over, reeling in laughter each time. And to think we will have that footage for generations to come.
Hmmm. What do I learn from all of this. It can't be pride goeth before the fall. I mean that was a side lesson of the deal. But what I really learned was to finish. I came so close to finishing that ride in glory, but I made one fatal error by forgetting to turn off the bike.
This life is a ride and there are moments just like this one when we get distracted or get caught up in ourselves. Unfortunately when we lose sight of where we are going and what we are doing,other forces in the world take over and we will go down. Sometimes taking others with us, who may follow in our footsteps. We must be focused in our journey, remember what we are doing and where we are headed and endeavoring to take all the steps that will get us back to our Father in Heaven.
This life can be a good one, yes there will be the learning curve and there will be moments out of our control, but if we follow the rules ( keep the commandments) we will avoid the major pitfalls.
To my fellow travelers of life- remember who you are... you are beloved children of a Heavenly King and don't lose sight of where you are going.. back to Him. Let's follow Him to the end and finish this ride in glory.

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