Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apples, Apples and more apples

If I had to describe my summer in one word it'd be... apples. This crazy little thing happened in the Spring- the thinning chemicals didn't work and we were left with a lot of self thinning on our hands.
One would think thinning apples would be an easy job. But it was hard to me because I felt I was determining the fate of each apple. With the snip of my clippers, they either lived on or died- never able to develop into their full potential. I realize most (maybe ALL other apple thinners in the world) do not feel this dilemma. But most days, I felt this conflict and the only way that I could come to terms with their fate is that my job was simply to cut the smallest so that the tree could give more of its nutrients to the ones that were big and growing. If they weren't cut, the tree would be overloaded, branches would break, most of the apples would be small because the tree was stressed and the market value on small apples surprisingly is small as well. It was that simple they had to be cut for the good of the whole. So I tried not to personalize it because if I were an apple, I would be a small one and meet the fate of the clippers and never have the chance to see what my full potential looked like.
This is our growing season. Don't waste it away. I can tell you this about apples. The ones that grew big- received nutrients and were in a position to receive more light and they were not hanging on a stressed out tree. So look at yourself today- Are you growing? Are you taking care of yourself making healthy lifestyle choices? Exercise, healthy food, self-discipline, overcoming addictions. Are you putting yourself in places where you can receive more light? On your knees, in the scriptures, at church, in the temple. Are you stressed? Turn it over to the Lord. Trust that He can make all things work for your good. I can't help but think if we follow the pattern of apples, we too will grow and one day realize our full potential.
And all of this from thinning apples.... who knew? :)